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Why White Families Teach Racism to Their Kids?

Because racism makes their kids life better.

1209. Why White Families Teach Racism to Their Kids

We have to understand White people! There is a fairly dramatic dilemma for the majority of white people when it comes to fighting racism.

Simply because in the world we live now all white people benefit from racism, and the caste system behind racism is profitable, and quite comfortable for them.

If you are white, you are better treated
If you are white, you get better job, and much faster
If you are white, you travel the world without visa and you are treated better
If you are white, Police won’t harass you or kill you on sight
If you are white, you are looked up as a model even if you have not achieved anything!
If you are white, you are feared and people are forced to smile at you
If you are white, you have a lot of privileges denied to other people from housing to access to capital
if you are white, you really don’t understand why people don’t get what you get so easily!

Who won’t like to enjoy such kind of privileges as a birth right? Why would white people be forced fight to change something that is profitable to them?

In fact, without the pervasive racism in society and the world, they’d lose most of the automatic privileges now associated to their skin color, and more dramatically they would have to compete with 6 billions people on equal basis. Very scary! Not something quite comfortable! Therefore most of white people are not ready for the end of racial caste system current in the world.

I’d say, it’d be easier to ask a billionaire to give up his money to charity than to ask most white people to give up on racism and the  ideology behind it.

For a matter of comparison, asking white people to fight racism would be equal to asking men to fight patriarchy.

There are a lot of men who are ready to fight for human rights, but would shy away from fighting patriarchy and the many privileges all men automatically enjoy just because they are born with a dick in a patriarchal society.

Why would men fight to end patriarchy if it would mean for them to clean, wash and contribute to house works like women; be compelled to do more  to get what they want, and more dramatically to compete with more people for the privileges they now enjoy from birth.

Like the legendary investor Warren Buffett put it “one of the reasons for my great success was that I was competing with only half of the population. I mean, my sisters are as smart or smarter than I am, and my parents loved them with the same degree of intensity that they loved me, but they had different expectations about them, their teachers had different expectations about them. And just think of the waste that occurred you know for decades and decades and decades.”

Most men instinctively know, recognize, and use the privileges associated with the mere fact of being born a male. They enjoy, profit and love the advantages associated with the caste system patriarchy had forged for centuries which downgrades woman, and award free bonuses to men life long.

Racism is for white people, what patriarchy is for men. Most white people won’t fight against racism, for the same reason most men won’t fight against patriarchy.

Racism is evil but it’s profitable to them, and most people care more about their interests than some human rights.

To survive and prosper, racism is taught by white families to their kids. No one is born racist, kids which become later adults learn the racist ideas and reflex from their families, relatives, and friends who happen to have parents too.

Why don’t we dress and speak like people in the 19th century or 18th century? Because our parents were not dressing or speaking like our fore grandparents.

Racism is an anti-meritocracy system!

For my fellow Africans, please listen to me. Racism is not your problem. You can’t fight it.
Get out of all the movement or association which fight against racism.
Only white people could fight racism.
If they’d stop teaching it their kids, and quit sponsoring it, racism would disappear.

Albert Einstein teaching a physics class at Lincoln University (HBCU in Pennsylvania) in 1946 said: “The separation of the races is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it.”

When the Black opera singer Marian Anderson was performing in New Haven and denied a hotel room Einstein invited her to stay at his home.

If you have white friends who refuse to talk about racism, or deny it, they are definitely NOT your friends, because they know well racism is pervasive in their community and wide-spread. The truth here would be that your friends are not ready to give up the privileges they enjoy from racism in society.

We have to understand white people, but it’s our rights to deny them the privileges that racism automatically awards them, and make firmly them understand we are all equal for a better world!


Author: Mawuna Remarque Koutonin




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