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Victory! Supreme Court Allows Gay Marriage in Florida Starting January

In yet another victory for gay marriage, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to grant Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s request to extend a stay that would prevent gay marriages in the state. Bondi has long fought to prevent marriage equality from coming to the state she claims to represent, but it seems that as of Jan. 5, 2015, she will have lost that battle.

1427. Victory! Supreme Court Allows Gay Marriage in Florida Starting January


It wasn’t too long ago that marriage equality was a distant dream for many in America, but by Dec. 10, there were 35 states where gay marriage was legal. The legalization in a large portion of these states came by the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear cases from several states requesting to uphold their bans.

This, by proxy, led to legalization in many states where marriage equality seemed highly unlikely.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, again, this is now happening in Florida. The federal judge that decided that Florida’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional has essentially had his decision reaffirmed. Sorry Ms. Bondi, but it seems your bigotry lost out this time around.

Now it should be fun to see what goes on in the states that share a federal district with Florida. By trying to take her bigotry to the High Court, Pam Bondi may have just secured another gigantic victory for gay marriage.


In previous Supreme Court decisions, the refusal of the court to hear certain cases affected every state within a Circuit Court’s jurisdiction. Both Alabama and Georgia are within the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal’s jurisdiction, the same as Florida, but the Supreme Court’s decision will not affect either of the other states.

In this instance, Bondi was only asking for an extension of the stay that had been placed on a district court’s decision. If the stay had been extended, it would have prevented gay marriages from taking place until after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal made its decision on whether or not a ban on gay marriage is Constitutional.

So while gay marriages can soon begin in Florida, the final answer on Georgia, Alabama and the Sunshine State will not come until Atlanta’s Circuit Court deals with the issue.


Author: Curtis F.




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