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UK Soldiers Accused Of Gang-Raping Recruits With Objects As A Form Of Hazing

Disturbing reports have come from the UK military this week, revealing a widespread and sadistic culture of abuse and rape within the British armed forces.

1461. UK Soldiers Accused Of Gang-Raping Recruits With Objects As A Form Of Hazing

Witnesses who have been subjected to this abuse have testified that this is a very widespread and common problem in the UK military. Even senior officials have recently went on record to admit the severity of this problem within their ranks.

Sources on the inside have said that these attacks go largely unreported, but even so, in the past two years there have been 3 reported rapes and 22 reported sexual assaults against male recruits in the British armed forces, and at least 12 more against female recruits.

Major Ross McLeod told The Times in a recent interview that it was common for soldiers to rape younger enlistees with objects such as broom handles, as a way of bullying recruits and asserting dominance and authority.

“Sexual assault and male rape are, unfortunately, pretty routine Army bullying tactics. The military culture, which has been perpetuated and protected since time immemorial… is one in which these attacks are neither surprising or appalling, but rather entirely predictable,” McLeod Said.

One of the reports that were recently filed against soldiers in the UK military, claims that this past May a 28-year-old solder was attacked and gang raped with objects by seven other solders aged 20 to 26. In another report, an 18-year-old recruit was attacked in a similar fashion by a group of other soldiers.

To make matters worse, the legal system that presides over the military is usually very slow to act in cases like this, The Ministry of Defense has not even figured out if anyone will actually be held responsible for those 25 reported assaults.

Defense Analyst Christopher Walker said that the issue was, “something where it has to change through culture, where certain elements within the armed services do not regard rape as the horrific crime that other people do.”

This news comes just following a report that US solders had raped young men and boys in front of their mothers, with cameras rolling. Journalist Seymour Hersh says that the Pentagon is stalling the release of the video, but it will only be a matter of time before it goes public. These stories shed light on the brutal culture of rape and oppression that exists in the military throughout the world, even among their own ranks.


Author: John Vibes




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