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10 Numbers That Should Probably Scare The Fuck Out Of You!

So here we go, 10 numbers that you most likely haven’t read, 10 numbers greatly hidden, skewed or underreported by the MSM.

1605. 10 Numbers That Should Probably Scare The Fuck Out Of You!

This isn’t fear mongering, these numbers are greatly ignored and or underreported by the MSM (Mainstream Media). Numbers are flashed in front of us daily but these cherry-picked numbers are usually to distract from a bigger number more pertinent to the lives of the US populace, ebola was a great example of exactly this as it has little relevance to anyone, it was nothing more than an egregious over-amplification intended to scare, distract and cause on some level division amongst the people.

1.) The US National Debt today is $18,153,788,150,890.29

This shouldn’t be that shocking for anyone really, our national debt is nearing 20 trillion dollars, which is honestly a bullshit number. An oppressive number used to justify unjust tax allocation, war and ridiculous corporate bailouts. This number is also used regularly to scare politicians into order.

2.) College tuition and fees have increased 1,120 percent since records began in 1978

The college debt bubble is proving to be one of our generations great challenges and very few millennial’s even know about it today. Outside of the extreme and pervasive ramifications associated with this bubble bursting i want to ask a simple question, what happens when education is made to be a luxury reserved for rich oligarchs and the wealthy?

3.) 31.1 percent of all young adults in the US age 18 to 34 are currently living at home with their parents

So 31% of all millennial‘s are currently living at home? On top of being the generation most heavily effected by credit card debt, student debt, loss of full-time work, unemployment, housing market collapse, egregious gas inflation, loss of economic mobility and the emerging student debt crisis. This number personally scares the shit out of me. Even on a cultural perspective this is extremely corrosive to the mental stability of this generation, since the 80’s we’ve been taught that only losers and drug addicts move in with their parents after college, the cultural meme here is that you’re a failure. The truth is this, if 31% of millennial’s are total “fuck-ups” that’s a failure on behalf of our government and tax allocation.

4.) 48 percent of americans can’t immediately scrounge together a measly $400 without borrowing directly or selling something

Keep in mind that the average american in the 1950’s owned a few cars and at least one home, someAVERAGE americans even owned 2 homes, yet in 2014 american dystopia the idea of at a moments notice coming up with $400 is completely impossible for 48 percent of our nation which i’m assuming also mostly rent. So in other words 48% of america is on the verge of utter financial ruin, extreme poverty and or homelessness. This is without even touching the subject of inflation, what does that $400 even buy today? A tank of gas and a few dinners?

5.) Our nations student loan debt is now 1.2 trillion dollars

Best of all this number has raised exponentially, 84 percent since 2008. You can now also refinance your student loans (Seriously WTF). The housing bubble starved my generation of affordable and easily attained housing and now the student debt bubble will seemingly rob our next generations of education. Education is now a completely privatized commodity, nothing more than a consumer product. What’s next bankers?

6.) It is estimated that now 6,000 civilians have been murdered by law enforcement since 2001

This is all with violent crimes at a 10 year low, attacks on officers at a 10 year low, even things like grand theft auto and rape are down and yet our response is to militarize our law enforcement? We need to educate our people and secure a certain level of economic prosperity for them, what we don’t need is a bunch of DOD trained police officers running around with tanks and AR-15’s. This question alone makes me quake, why is the Department of Justice and the Department of Defense arming and training our local law enforcement for war? Force escalation techniques are becoming a normal training strategy for law enforcement, if you’re not familiar with Force Escalation or how the DOD and DOJ are militarizing our law enforcement please google it. Even if the militarization of our police force wasn’t an issue we’d still be left with 6 thousand dead americans, maybe we should take away all of their weapons and force them to safely and compassionately do their jobs. It’s a huge issue that law enforcement has little reason to even report these numbers accurately, so we honestly have no idea how high this number actually is.

7.) 12 million americans cycle through local jails annually

I was hoping to illustrate the larger problem before jumping into incarceration numbers, most americans are far too reactionary to properly asses these numbers, you need to think objectively and deeply about anything relating to incarceration because a discussion on incarceration is a discussion on socio-economics, poverty, general inequality, education and terrible if not criminal laws and practices like the war on drugs. It’s never as cut and dry as “well, 12 million americans are criminals”, with some perspective the question should be “why the fuck are 12 million americans being arrested annually”.

8.) 9.2 million americans are not included in the civilian labor force participation rate

So basically 9.2 million americans are unemployed but what’s scary is this number doesn’t take the underemployed into consideration, so if you went to Yale but you’re working 32 hours a week at Wall-Mart you’re not included in this number. Good luck trying to pay those student loans off making $7.25.

9.) 50% of all college graduates are still financially dependent on their parents when they are two years out of college

Meanwhile your parents are crying to you about how they could afford college, a new car and their apartment all on the money they made with their summer job haha. This is one of those numbers you instantly greet with a “Well that makes sense”, or a “This is obvious”, but it seriously doesn’t make any fucking sense and the only thing obvious here is that the american dream doesn’t exist for you if you’re a millennial, unless of course you’re very very wealthy, not rich but wealthy!

10.) There are currently 2.4 million americans in prison

This one isn’t even about race equality, poverty, education or any underlying socioeconomic issue; this is about something more insidious and corrosive to our way of life and the american dream than any other contributing factor. This is simply what happens when a nation privatizes it’s prison system, eventually the corporations that grow up around a privatized prison system become so influential they can begin to lobby political figures and in turn pass laws that secure a certain growth of their product, their product in this case is prisons and prisons need prisoners. Obviously if a prison is ran like a business maximization of profit is going to be the number one goal so the laws these corporations lobby will most likely cater to their business goals; incarcerating americans.

Additional Source links and further reading on some of the points I hit here. (I’ll add to this later but I encourage everyone to research on your own, most of this has abundant source with a simple google search).





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