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NYC News Stations Called Out For Systematically Under-Reporting Crimes Committed by White People

A study that was done over a time span of one year suggests that TV stations in New York could be over-reporting cases that involve Black suspects.

1665. NYC News Stations Called Out For Systematically Under-Reporting Crimes Committed by White People

When looking into the four-year average statistics from the New York City Police Department, 54 percent of arrests for murder cases involved African-Americans. The percentage for theft cases during the same time was 55 percent, while it was 49 percent for assaults, according to a media watchdog group, Media Matters.

And yet, just in the final trimester of last year alone (Aug. 18 – Dec. 31), the New York evening news programs including WCBS, WNBC, WABC and WNYW, reported stories and identified Blacks as suspects in 68 percent of murder stories, 80 percent of theft stories, and 72 percent of assault stories.

After crunching the numbers, Media Matters arrived at a conclusion that local stations in NYC were painting a skewed image of how often African-Americans committed crimes.

In an interview, the group’s vice president of communications said, “The result of disproportionately showing African-Americans committing crimes on TV screens is creating the false impression of who is committing crime. I think one is safe in saying it is not a good thing for one to be overrepresented in [the category of] committing more crimes than other races.”

Another angle the report could be viewed with is the realization that local television networks were suppressing the actual number of crimes which were being perpetrated by White people.

Color of Change, a civil rights organization, analyzed the data and reached the same conclusion. Rashad Robinson, the organization’s executive director, said, “It’s not just that they’re over-reporting Black crime — they’re under-reporting White crime; they’re systematically under-reporting White crime.”

If these reports are anything to go by, it will beg the question of whether or not local NYC news networks can even be relied upon to deliver factual, unbiased and unadulterated situation reports.


Author: Liku  Zelleke




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