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Anonymous Reveals – What America Does Not Want You To Know

Take your time with this, it might take you a few day’s to get through. Remember, no one forces you to believe anything, but at least watch listen and do more research. At least you would have shown you are not ignorant. Good Luck and let us know what you think AFTER you had a fair go at the material provided.

1800. Anonymous Reveals – What America Does Not Want You To Know


PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE TO AWAKEN EVERYONE.This post should be Shared far and wide on every social media platform that is available today and on in the future.Wake Up People & SHARE this post so others can also Wake Up! TO THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT… The People Know and more are being informed!

1) Monsanto

2) Fluoride in our Water:

The Full Scientific Facts:

3) Haarp:

4) 911 was an inside job:

5) False Flags:

6) Crisis Actors:

7) Police Brutality:

8) FEMA Camps

9) Bilderberg Group:

10) Serco (Serpent Company):

11) Silencing Whistlblowers

Julian Assange:

Bradley (Chelsea) Manning:

Edward Snowden:

12) Killing Activists

(R.I.P) Aaron Swartz:

(R.I.P) Rachel Corrie:
Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist:

13) False Accusations against Anonymous

We are NOT Terrorists:

You cannot dismantle an idea:

14) Lost or Stolen Trillions of Dollars:

15) The US Spying on the World



All Social Media Platforms on US Soil Assisting:

They did not have this dinner for nothing.

Social Media Platforms:

16) Martial Law:

17) NWO (New World Order):

What is is Zionist?

Someone who has NO GOD and worships material Possessions and cares only about themselves and immediate family.


Food That Kills – Full Presentation:

Wake Up World:

Seal Team 6:


We Are Anonymous

Note: AnonHQ is not reponsible for any content, video or link provided in this article. All credits go to




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