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Israel to declare military curfew on all Palestinians!

“Lock down,” “curfew,” “restrictions,” “deportation,” and “closure”are amongst some of the words spoken by Israeli politicians this week. Martial Law by another name.

1931. Israel to declare military curfew on all Palestinians!

Israeli Opposition leader Isaac Herzog has urged the government to temporarily close the flashpoint Haram Alsharif (referred to as Temple Mount), following Tuesday’s attacks in Jerusalem. Herzog also called on the government to impose a lockdown on Jerusalem’s Palestinian neighborhoods and fight what he called “online incitement” by Islamists. He made the comments on Facebook.

Herzog’s statements come amid calls from politicians from across the political spectrum for the government to crackdown on Palestinian communities inside Israel — who are also Israeli citizens.

At an emergency security cabinet meeting convened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Education Minister Naftali Bennett will demand the government put Palestinian communities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem on lockdown in response to Tuesday’s string of deadly attacks. Bennett will also urge the government to move to destroy the homes of any “terrorist” and move to deport those implicated in attacks that wound Israelis.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel joined the calls to impose restrictions on residents of East Jerusalem, as well as a closure on the West Bank.

“The security forces must take resolute action in the East Jerusalem neighborhoods,” said Ariel. “The residents of East Jerusalem (Palestinians)must understand that they cannot lead a normal life while terrorism continues on the streets of Israel.

Public Security Minister Erdan is mulling immediate steps, including imposing a closure on East Jerusalem neighborhoods and easing gun-control regulations, and acting Israel Police chief Benzi Sau said at a press conference that during this afternoon’s security cabinet meeting the police will present a comprehensive plan to “quell the recent bout of terror attacks”.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat who called upon Jewish Israelis to carry weapons in public, says he has asked the army to impose a closure on the city’s Palestinian neighborhoods.

We shouldn’t allow them (Palestinians) to enter. The lives of the (Israeli)residents of Jerusalem are more important than anything else.” said Mayor Nir Barkat.





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