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Anonymous Shut Down Japanese Airport websites against Dolphin Slaughter

The online hacktivist Anonymous conducted powerful DDoS attacks on the official websites of two of the Japan‘s busiest airports and forced them to stay down for about 8 hours.

1948. Anonymous Shut Down Japanese Airport websites against Dolphin Slaughter

Anonymous dedicated #OpKillingBay against the killing of dolphins in Japan.

The attack was conducted under the banner of #OpKillingBay, an online operation against the slaughter of Dolphin and trade to aquariums.

Earlier this month on 9th October, a tweet came through from Anonymous that they would soon be taking down 2 of the Japanese airport (Narita and Chubu) websites and the very next day the Narita airport’s website was down and remained down for over 8 hours. Though, flights remained unaffected, claimed the airport authorities.

Chubu airport also faced a DDoS attack and remained down for 8 hours.

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DDoS attacks paralyze the websites by sending traffic on the website from different networks. The overwhelming amount of traffic takes down the website servers and takes time for retrieval.

At the time of publishing this article, both targeted websites were restored and available online.

In September, the same group of hackers took down the website of the town of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture in protest of the town’s hunting of dolphins and storing them.

Hunting of dolphins has been protested by many activists around the world and taking down of websites is one of the ways they record their protest.

Anonymous has dedicated itself to protect animal rights around the world. In the past, the hacktivists went against X-Rated animal abuse websites and shut down world’s largest animal abuse forum.


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