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No New Animal Lab: One Month Until We Swarm New York

The fate of thousands of animals rests upon our motivation, dedication, and spirited fight for their liberation. At this moment, they are condemned to lives of torture, captivity, and suffering that end in inevitable death in a new animal research facility if a new underground animal lab is built. The construction of that lab is underway thanks to the callous efforts of Skanska — and it is up to us to stop it. On January 15-17, the animal liberation movement will swarm New York, headquarters of Skanska USA, to drive home the message: “We will stop this lab!”

2028. No New Animal Lab - One Month Until We Swarm New York

Mark your calendars and clear your weekend. Be there and be a part of the critical mass. Converge in the hundreds on their home turf and shut them down. If you need rides or have housing needs, please let us know by filling out this form. Prepare to take Skanska by storm.

We have launched a fundraising drive with the goal of raising $3,000 to offset the costs of organizing this historic moment. We want to create a mass demonstration that is as accessible as possible, so we are helping local communities get carloads of protesters to join us in New York. That includes the costs of local, regional, and national promotion. That means helping with fuel costs and funding vehicle rentals if necessary. We also will do everything we can to help out-of-town protesters find housing for the weekend, as well cheap and accessible food.


This is the most critical protest in the campaign so far. In this moment, we have the potential to collectively force Skanska’s hand and divorce them from the vivisection industry for good. We need to act together and do everything it takes to stop this lab from being built. We are the only thing standing in their way. Be with us in New York!

One month. 




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